OneNote is a baseball announcer’s best friend and secret weapon

OneNote is a baseball announcer's best friend and secret weapon

Have you ever watched a baseball, football, soccer, basketball, or pretty much any sports game, and wondered how the announcers know so much about each player on the field, including their stats, how they performed in their last game, and their histories right then and there? While they do know a lot about the sport and its players, they don’t memorize all that information, they use tools like OneNote.

Professional baseball announcers Joe Block and Scott Franzke swear by OneNote, and have recently sat down for an interview with the Office team about how they use the notes management tool and how it helps them stay organized and up to date.

OneNote is a baseball announcer's best friend and secret weapon

Prior to discovering OneNote, both announcers relied on paper-based solutions, Franzke in particular, used to carry around 30 hard notebooks for all the professional teams in Major League Baseball. Imagine having to go through them to look for that one stat without the help of Ctrl+F.

“I started messing around with it and realized pretty quickly that I could kind of mold it and adapt it to my needs. You can use it almost any way you want in terms of how you want to outline your notes and how you want them to look”, said Franzke.

OneNote is a baseball announcer's best friend and secret weapon

Block and Franzke also praised third-party app integration that, along with first-party apps like Excel, can be used to manage score sheets and get curated news easily, from sources such as Feedly. In addition, when not on the job, the two announcers use OneNote to manage their personal lives too, with grocery checklists and home to-do lists. Franzke sums up his experience with OneNote perfectly with the following:

“Somebody told me something once about baseball broadcasting: you don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where to find it. And I think that is one of the great things about what OneNote brings to what we do: We have a place that, we know where it is, and where to go to find it when we need it”.

 Check out the video below or read the full interview transcript at the VIA link below.

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