OneNote app for Windows 8.1 gets big update with enhanced Share and Camera Scan features

OneNote app for Windows 8.1 gets big update with enhanced Share and Camera Scan features

Just last night, we reported that Microsoft had rolled out an update to the OneNote app for Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, at the time, Microsoft provided no details as to what was included with the update. Today, Microsoft breaks down the entire new feature list that comes with this big update.

“Today, we released an update to the OneNote Windows Store app that significantly improves how you capture, find and view the notes you care about most. This update makes it easier to capture notes using the Windows 8.1 Share Charm, enables you to scan things with your camera and search them, and shows your recent notes with page previews,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft was apparently “inspired” by Windows 8.1 and the plethora of devices that are used for note-taking – and decided to make OneNote even better with some cool new features.

With this new update, you can capture anything on your Windows 8.1 screen and send it to OneNote by using the Share charm. You can either send a screenshot, or details from a website using the Share charm.

On the flip side, you have Camera Scan. Not only can you search for text within an image using OCR, but you can also copy the text out of the image. Take a look at this feature in action below.

Camera Scan also lets you get pictures of documents and whiteboards into OneNote and it will automatically crop, rotate, straighten, remove shadows and sharpen the image so it looks like a scanned document. To use this feature, just select the camera in the radial menu. You can this feature in action below.

Page previews and Recent notes are two great ways to see all the recent notes you’ve taken across all your devices.

“Instead of only the page title, you’ll see a preview of your notes. Page previews show you text, images and even ink content, so you can see your notes without having to open the entire page. Now it’s easy to quickly spot that great apple pie recipe. For short notes and simple reminders like “do math homework,” the preview will often contain all the information you need. If not, just tap or click the preview to see the full page of notes,” Microsoft explains.

Microsoft has also improved the ink in this release to the writing feels much more natural than before. The company has also enhanced OneNote so that it will enter full screen mode on smaller devices automatically, while giving you the option to enter full screen on larger devices.

Hit the download link below to snag the updated app!

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