OneNote app for Windows 10 Mobile adds built-in audio recording and playback

Dave W. Shanahan


First posted on Reddit, and then officially announced on Twitter by Windows Insider, OneNote has gained the ability to record audio or sound clip reminders for tasks. However, OneNote’s new ability to add audio reminders is currently restricted to Windows 10 Mobile devices running Windows Insider builds.

The new OneNote functionality will add a better experience for Windows 10 Mobile devices with smaller screens, when jotting down a reminder might not be as easy as recording a quick voice memo for certain tasks. In addition to the today’s new OneNote audio task feature, Microsoft added a new OneNote Web Clipper extension available on Microsoft Edge for Windows Insiders. Here’s Gabe Aul describing how the Windows Insider program has helped Microsoft.

Build 2016 added a bunch of new Windows 10 features that Windows Insiders have been requesting for months, but we didn’t hear so much as a peep from Microsoft about anything upcoming for Windows 10 Mobile.