OneNote for Android updated with new way to create notes and offline section management

If you use any Office apps other than Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, there’s a good chance you’re using OneNote. The software is pretty well loved, allowing people to keep organized and versatile notes for anything they need – and even do a few other tricks. If you’re a OneNote user that tends to use Android as your mobile phone of choice, the latest update to OneNote on the Google Play store brings out some strong improvements that you might just notice the next time you take a note.

1. Adding notebar: a new way to create notes
2. Ability to create or delete sections while in offline mode
3. Sync improvements
4. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Not the hugest update, but definitely an upgrade from the last version. The addition of notebar and the ability to create/delete sections while offline are both going to help out a portion of OneNote users, and the improvements to sync should help out people who tend to switch between PC and mobile frequently.

OneNote Android Notebarc

The new Notebar in OneNote for Android makes it easier to create notes.

Microsoft also noted in the patch notes that they have “changed the core code base of OneNote for Android,” which gave them “the ability to add features at a faster rate.” This doesn’t do anything for the app as it stands, but clearly it’s going to result in a better experience for all involved going forward.

Go ahead and update your device to gain access to the new features. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new features.

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