OneNote for Android tablets gains handwriting support, Windows gets printing and PDFs

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Onenote for android tablets gains handwriting support, windows gets printing and pdfs

Microsoft has been busy listening to customer feedback once again. The Android version of OneNote was lacking one feature that endless users requested -- handwriting support. Now these pleas have been answered. Grab a copy of the new tablet version of the app from the download link below and you can start to take handwritten notes on your Android tablet, as well as annotating images.

The app is being touted as something that will appeal to students -- we are in the back to school period now. In conjunction with handwriting support, text highlighting makes it easier to revise and study from notes that have already been made. Pen color and thickness can be customized, making it possible to differentiate between different types of note.

This is not the only update to the Android version of the app. The interface has also undergone something of an overhaul, with new navigation options making it quicker and easier to get around your notes.

You can check out the new features and options in the video below:

Android users are not the only ones to benefit from OneNote updates. The Windows version of the app not includes the option to print -- something that was sadly lacking before -- as well as the ability to insert files and PDFs. Files can be attached to notes to give a more comprehensive store of information.

The app is available free of charge from the Windows App Store at the link below.

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