OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature rolls out to Mac users

Jonny Caldwell

Users of Apple’s macOS computer operating system will be able to use the Files On-Demand feature on OneDrive, as spotted by the folks at Thurrott. This means users will be able to see all of their OneDrive files as placeholders on their systems, and the files should download automatically when opened for offline use. Should the user need space later, offline files can be converted back to placeholder to be redownloaded at any time later.

Files On-Demand was first introduced in Windows 10 to be available in the Fall Creator’s Update, however the concept isn’t entirely new. Windows 8.1 had a much similar feature giving users a OneDrive folder with placeholders for files, but was killed off when the company brought Windows 10 to the world. This was met with criticism, prompting them to launch the new Files On-Demand.

The feature’s launch on macOS proves Microsoft’s commitment to continue supporting users sucked into Apple’s ecosystem of apps and devices. And as storage devices seem to become smaller due to consumers’ increased preference for solid state drives, the feature will certainly be useful for many.

The feature is rolling out to users, and should be available to virtually everyone over an uncertain period of time. If you’re seeing this feature, feel free to let us know in the comments.