OneDrive on Windows Phone gets another UI update to address concerns

OneDrive on Windows Phone gets another UI update to address concerns

Cloud storage on Microsoft devices revolves around OneDrive as that is Microsoft’s own in-house solution. Recently the OneDrive app on Windows Phone received an update, which changed the design a lot and after a fair amount of criticism from users, Microsoft has issued an update to their new design, which addresses some of the complaints. The biggest complaints with the design revolved around the strange small icons used to represent files, recent, and shared sections, also the shift to a hamburger style button makes the app difficult from some users to access settings.

With the redesign, text has replaced the small icons to direct users to recent, shared, and newly added photos. The hamburger style button at the top left corner is still the only way to access account settings, such as adding a OneDrive for Business account. The refresh has also has included a few new features such as access to the recycle bin, search improvements, and the ability to view file details.

The new top menu in the OneDrive app for Windows Phone

The OneDrive app still has a few spots to fix before it satisfies all of their users. Repositioning the settings will help users with big phones reach all the menus. The OneDrive for Business integration is also not perfect due to the unique way some businesses handle logins by redirecting the page within the app. All that said the app is fast and still the only way for Windows Phone users to attach documents to emails.

File storage is a core function of any device which means that the primary storage app will be used in a range of different ways. One way the OneDrive app is accessed in Windows Phone 8.1 is through the file picker when adding files to a website. When in the file picking mode the photos section is missing and only Files, Recent, and Shared remain. It is still possible to navigate to photos directly through folders, but it is just an example of the odd inconsistent behavior of the app.

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