OneDrive update adds albums, multiple accounts, and PIN security to Windows Phone

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OneDrive on Windows Phone

An update for OneDrive on Windows Phone has come out today and with it comes album creation, multiple account usability, and an option to require a PIN.

OneDrive already had the ability to have a personal account and a business account but the latest update gives users the option to have even more accounts linked to the cloud. For example, I could have a personal account for university, another account for work, and a business account. While some users may prefer to have their cloud storage together the update gives them the option to keep them separate.

Because the app can have many accounts linked to it, users also have the option to add a PIN to access the separate accounts. If you have other people use your device but only want them to have access to one of your OneDrive accounts, you can keep the rest of your data protected.

The next added feature is the ability to create and share albums within the app. The feature was previously only available on the web and gives users the option to view videos and photos more easily. The Windows blog explains how albums are different than folders, “You can create an album using pictures and videos from anywhere in your OneDrive.  And, when you or people who share them with view them, it’s a much better experience: your photos stand front and center, thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage.”

The update is announced on the Windows blog but has yet to show up on my Lumia 930 in the UK. It will probably show up in the next few hours, and isn’t listed in the app store for me just yet. Head over to the download link below to grab it (keep waiting as the update is still propagating through the servers)

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