OneDrive on iOS updated to support 3rd party password managers

OneDrive on iOS updated to support 3rd party Password managers

It looks like today i'm on the security watch hour when it comes to Microsoft news. In another security and ease-of-use move made by Microsoft, OneDrive is now being updated to support password managers. Microsoft is looking to lower the barrier of entry into their services yet again. No longer will you need to store you passwords in a service like LastPass only to then have to go through the process all over again in your newly downloaded OneDrive app or service.

In an effort to foster good 'password hygiene', Microsoft has updated the OneDrive app on iOS to work with your favorite password manager. Omar Shahine of the OneDrive Blog, has laid out the very simple, very convenient process for the updated app.

  • 1. Launch OneDrive and sign in
  • 2. Tap the icon in the upper right corner
  • 3. Select your password manager (or enable them if you have not)
  • 4. Log into the password manager (I have Touch ID set up for mine)
  • 5. Boom! That’s it.

This easy four-step process is achieved by utilizing's Apple's new extensions API's. This allows previously siloed applications to talk with one another now. The "1Password" developers had already built an open sources code that allowed other developers to integrate code. Microsoft used this code and applied it to OneDrive with very little effort.

It seems the folks at LastPass also built on this open source code and now Microsoft can effectively utilize their development to offer consumers a seamless and secure experience with OneDirve on iOS. "My hope is that other password managers follow suit. After all, the internet is a better and safer place if we all practice good password hygiene," writes Omar.

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