OneDrive for iOS updated with the ability to save multiple photos and videos

Microsoft's cross-platform strategy remains in full force following Build 2016, with a great deal of emphasis placed on making sure that Microsoft's various solutions run on every conceivable platform. OneDrive is no exception, and Microsoft has pushed a small update to their iOS customers.

Here's the changelog for OneDrive for iOS version 6.13.1:

  • Save 1, save 2, save 10! You can now save as many photos and videos as you’d like back to your camera roll. Simply select the files, tap the Share command and there you will find the mythical “Save Photos and Videos” option.
  • We fixed some pesky bugs with VoiceOver and albums.
  • Having sync issues? Please shake to send feedback and an engineer will be more than happy to investigate!

Go to the App Store and hit update to get in on the goodies. Or, hit the download link below if you haven't yet installed OneDrive on your iPhone or iPad.

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