OneDrive for iOS gets updated with new UI, support for Apple’s Files app and more

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Microsoft released a massive update for its OneDrive iOS app today, which is now optimized for iOS 11 and its new native Files app. Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management for OneDrive and Sharepoint described this update as “the biggest release in the history of OneDrive on iOS,” and there are indeed a lot of new features to enjoy.

First of all, there are a lot of UI and UX improvements in this release including new context menus, larger and more detailed thumbnails and more. The app now lets you drag and drop files between on iPhone and iPad, and you can even drag and drop content to other apps on iPads exclusively.

On iOS 11, OneDrive now supports Apple’s Files app, which already integrates many cloud storage services such as Apple’s own iCloud and Dropbox. You can use this app to access all your files stored in OneDrive or Sharepoint, update them and even classify them using tags and favorites.

Onedrive for ios gets updated with new ui, support for apple’s files app and more - onmsft. Com - january 30, 2018
Left: onedrive in apple's files app / right: the onedrive ios app.

Other highlights in OneDrive 10.1 for iOS include previews for over 130 file types, Microsoft Flow integration for work and school accounts, landscape support and other UI fixes on the iPhone X. You can download OneDrive for iOS from the download link below.

‎microsoft onedrive
‎microsoft onedrive

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