OneDrive for Business and SharePoint now support search scoping controls

Rabia Noureen

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft has launched a new feature called “search scoping control” for OneDrive and SharePoint users (via LinkedIn). The updated search experience leverages the power of Microsoft Search to make it easier for users to search in folders and shared libraries.

As a reminder, the feature was initially announced back in August 2020. With this new integration, users can now use a dropdown in the search box to define their search scope in OneDrive for Business. More specifically, they can either search their files in OneDrive for Business and shared files that they have access to across the tenant, including shared libraries.


The Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry suggests that these search improvements are now generally available for all users worldwide. Many Cloud storage services, including OneDrive for business, have seen an unprecedented rise in service using during the coronavirus outbreak. The changes don’t seem like they’ll create a massive difference in the overall search experience, but they should help to improve productivity.