OneDrive for Android updated with automatic whiteboard image detection and more

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Microsoft's cross-platform work continues unabated, with all of its major services and apps running on iOS and Android to go with the company's own Windows 10 ecosystem. OneDrive is no different, and today Microsoft issued and update to the cloud storage app on Android with some nice new features.

Here's the changelog for OneDrive for Android version 4.6.1:

• Now we'll automatically detect when you take photos of whiteboards and clean them up for you so you can collaborate at your best! (OneDrive Consumer only)
• Get notified when a file is shared with you or a colleague edits a file you've shared with them in OneDrive for Business

You can go to the Google Play app and hit the update button, or download the app anew from the link below. Let us know in the comments what you think of the latest version.

Microsoft onedrive
Microsoft onedrive
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