OneDrive for Business My Files page on web to get collaboration improvements

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

Microsoft is on a mission to help make your collaboration on the web easier. As spotted by Windows Central, the company is working on a new experience for OneDrive, so that you can stay in touch with the activity on your shared documents.

The feature is mentioned in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, where Microsoft details a new Activity Column is on the way for “My Files.” This activity column will apparently show off your shared documents that have unseen edits and comments. It’s targeted for an April 2022 release and should hit all users worldwide.

Of course, roadmap listings don’t reveal much about how things will shape up to look, but we’re presuming that the column might be added on top of the current list of files. Currently, files can be sorted by date modified, person modified, file size, and sharing status. Or, it could be added to the pane to the right side of the screen when you click the “i” for additional information on the OneDrive My Files experience.

Either way, in addition to previous features like a new share experience, this is a welcome change at a time when more people are spending extra hours at their computers. Just keep in mind that this is for business accounts and not consumer ones. Sometimes, though business features might make their way over to consumers, it’s worth keeping an eye on the feedback Microsoft gets on the business experience first.