OneDrive for Business clients now available for Apple Mac and iOS

Email Twitter: @fahdriyami Jan 28th, 2015 inNews

OneDrive for Business clients now available for Apple Mac and iOS

Apple users who love Microsoft services are in for a treat today, mainly business customers as OneDrive for Business is now available for both Mac and iOS devices.

Over the past few months, it was Windows Phone and Android customers that were getting the most attention in terms of updates to OneDrive, but now Apple users can join in on the fun too. Business users can now get access to shared work files right on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers. Based on user feedback, Microsoft has also implemented the ability to take OneDrive for Business files offline for those traveling to areas with no reliable cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The public preview of the OneDrive for Business sync client for Mac is available starting today. This app gives users the power to manage and synchronize files in a simple and secure way as it works in the familiar Mac Finder. This is similar to the way OneDrive is integrated into Windows Explorer on Windows 8 and up. Check out the video above to see how the Mac and iOS OneDrive for Business clients work.

You can download the iOS client from the App Store and the Mac client from Microsoft via the download links below.

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