OneDrive for Business and Outlook web app updates help manage files and email attachments

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OneDrive for Business has received a couple of updates making it easier to manage email attachments and files. An Office Blog post outlines the complete list of changes. Employees receive a massive amount of emails, there is no doubt about that. Many emails include attachments and the update to OneDrive for Business allows those attachments to be saved in a folder on the cloud. When the emails are saved they are placed in a folder labeled ‘Email attachments’ but can be moved freely after they’re saved. This feature was already available for OneDrive but now has been added to OneDrive for business.

Saving email attachments to OneDrive for Business

Sending large files over email can be a hassle. Microsoft wants to combat the time consumption and hassle of emailing large files by having users and businesses upload their files to the cloud. The Outlook Web App has been updated to tell you if you’re trying to send an email that’s bigger than your companies’ message size limit.  After it lets you know that it’s a large file, it suggests uploading it to OneDrive for Business.

Sending files through OneDrive

These aren’t large changes but they do make it easier to keep things sorted. Losing a work file can create problems so anything to ensure they get to where they should is a plus.

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