Microsoft offering one year of Xbox Music for only $31.41 to celebrate Pi day!

Joseph Finney

One year of Xbox Music for only $31.41 to celebrate Pi day!

Tomorrow is an extra special Pi day because the date in the US is 3.14.15 and to celebrate Microsoft is selling a year of Xbox Music for $31.41 only for one day! A standard year subscription to Xbox Music would cost $99 for a year pass or $10 a month totaling $120 at the end of the year, so the price of $31.41 is an amazing deal! Xbox Music is accessible on a huge range of platforms covering all devices and the web.

Xbox Music enables users to stream unlimited music ad free and download the music for offline playback. However, ending a subscription renders the downloaded music unplayable, but any purchased albums are still available. When users purchase music via Xbox Music it is downloaded as a DRM free MP3 and can be transferred to different devices for optimal listening. Any way you slice this deal $31.41 for a year subscription to Xbox Music is an insanely amazing deal!

Stream music on all your devices for an insanely low price

Microsoft says the deal is available for new subscriptions and renewals. So there is some confusion who will be able to take advantage of this great deal. Will monthly subscribers be in a position to pay for an entire year, and who qualifies for ‘renewal’? Regardless of that confusion new customers will be eligible for sure to take advantage of this amazing deal.

So if you are looking for a music stream service and you haven’t settled on any, then this deal could be the perfect way to try Xbox Music for a year at its lowest cost yet. The offer can be claimed at a Microsoft Store or online at Xbox Music tomorrow. The deal will only be available on 3.14.15 which is Saturday March 14th so if you are considering getting this deal set a reminder now! Enjoy streaming Music on all your devices with Xbox Music for only $31.41! – Happy Pi Day!