One of Microsoft To-Do’s most requested feature, List Groups, rolls out this week

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Microsoft announced today that it has started rolling out List Groups in Microsoft To-Do across all platforms with version 1.63 of the app. The ability to organize tasks lists into different groups was one of the top requested features from To-Do users, and it should be a great addition for power users and people who like to meticulously organize all types of information.

List groups can be created by clicking or tapping the dedicated icon in the bottom left corner of the app, next to New List. Once you’ve created a Group, you can tap below to add lists or use drag and drop to move them around. “List groups will help you get even more stuff done by letting you focus only on those lists you need, when you need them,” Microsoft explained today.

Microsoft is still planning to add many new features to  its To-Do app including integrations with OneDrive, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, and more. You can check what’s in the pipeline and help the team prioritize new features by sharing your feedback on the dedicated Uservoice website.

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