One big winner from yesterday's MSFT 1Q earnings: Bing

As we continue to look into Microsoft’s FY2018 Q1 results, it appears that Bing was one of the highlights of this past quarter in addition to cloud and Surface. Revenue for Microsoft’s More Personal Computing division was “relatively unchanged (down 1% CC) driven by declining phone revenue offset by growth in Search and Surface revenue,” the company noted in its earnings report yesterday. “Search revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs grew 15% driven by higher revenue per search and search volume,” the report continued.

One big winner from yesterday's MSFT 1Q earnings: Bing - - October 27, 2017

During the company’s earning calls, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood added that “we expect double digit revenue growth in search ex traffic acquisition cost reflecting continued strong performance in both rate and volume.” Bing may still be lagging behind Google in the US (and even more in other countries), but the search engine remains a valuable asset for Microsoft and it’s undoubtedly a growing business. As of today, the Bing Network represents 12 billion searches every day and it also claims 33.3% of PC search market share.

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