Old favorite IrfanView image editor comes to the Windows Store via Desktop Bridge

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Another Win32 app has come to the Windows Store, and this time it's here to help you make your pictures look nice. The storied image editor IrfanView has found its way to the Windows Store via Microsoft's Desktop Bridge, adding to the thousands of Win32 apps that have been converted to UWP via the same method.

Old favorite irfanview image editor comes to the windows store via desktop bridge - onmsft. Com - june 27, 2017

IrfanView isn't a very pretty looking app, but it's got a simple premise - let you view and convert image files, and even do some light editing. If you're looking for a very simple and compact image viewer that you can get off of the Windows Store, this is a decent enough choice. Those who are looking for a freeware image editing software, however, may be better served through Win32 freeware such as GIMP, or maybe even just the new and improved Paint tool.

Developer: ‪Irfan Skiljan (IrfanView)‬
Price: Free

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