Oh the horror! Nokia Lumia 800 survives being underwater for 3.5 months

Windows phone powered nokia lumia 800 survives being underwater for 3. 5 months

We've heard it over and over again. Nokia smartphones are so durable that they wont break. Nokia has put up another blog post today showcasing a Lumia 800 smartphone that was left underwater for 3.5 months. While we won't go into the argument of 'are Nokia smartphones really durable,' we will however showcase this cool story with has such a great ending.

The story goes like this. A woman was sunbathing by Lake Ivosjon, which is the largest and deepest lake of Skane in Sweden. The woman's Lumia 800 was laying on her towel next to her when her husband picked up the towel, not realizing that the Nokia Lumia 800 device was on it. As he picked up the towel, the Lumia device fell down the cliff and into the deep water.

Roughly 3.5 months later, a friend of the woman was snorkeling at the same lake and was asked by the woman who lost her Lumia to search for the phone (if she had time away from snorkeling, we'd imagine). Sure enough, the friend found the Lumia 800 roughly two meters down the lake. The phone was covered in algae, shells, and "brown stuff."

Now the cleaning process begins. It took about 6 hours to clean the whole phone. The details of this rigorous cleaning process wasn't detailed, but we'd imagine there was some serious cleaning going on. The phone was never opened up and was also placed on a radiator to dry out for about four days. On the fifth day, the phone was plugged into the wall charger and amazingly it turned on! The Nokia logo appeared and so did the Windows Phone logo.

Surprisingly enough, the display and battery work fine. If this story is indeed true, then Nokia is one hell of a smartphone maker. That or the Lumia 800 owner was really really lucky! Do you have any similar survival stories to share about your smartphone?

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