Official Uber app updates on Windows 10 Mobile -
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Official Uber app updates on Windows 10 Mobile

The official Uber app on Windows 10 Mobile has updated with some improvements to app stability and more payment options for some users in different regions. The app still isn’t on full parity with its iOS counterpart but it is improving slightly with each update.

Here’s the official app description: Get a reliable ride in minutes with the Uber app — no reservations or waiting in taxi lines. From low-cost to premium, every ride option feels like an upgrade to the everyday. Create your account to explore the app. Add a credit card or link your PayPal, and your fare will be charged automatically at the end of your ride. You can also pay with cash in some cities. After your trip, we'll email you a receipt.

Uber is currently holding a special promotion for new users on Windows devices in the U.S. who can get their first ride free (as long as it’s under $15 that is) by using the code MSFTWIN10. Do you use Uber on your Windows 10 Mobile device? How has your experience been?

Price: Free

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