Forget 6tindr, official Tinder app for Windows Phone is underway


Last week Rudy Huyn released 6tindr for Windows Phone, an unofficial app for the Tinder social platform. Later that week, the app was removed from the Store based on a complaint filed by Tinder. But the story didn't end there. The Tinder team is now working with Rudy Huyn to develop the official version of the app, which will be hitting the Store very soon. 

After breaking this news on Twitter, Huyn spoke with our good friends over at WPCentral to reveal some more information. Huyn will be working with the Tinder developers to code an official app, meanwhile, 6tindr will be dead in the water.

Unless you skip the developer names while reading Windows Phone news, you will know who Rudy Huyn is. While several companies take ages to port their apps on the Windows Phone platform, this developer has released the unofficial version of many popular services, including Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and more.

No word on when we can see the official Tinder app. We'll keep you posted!


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