Official specs of Xbox Project Scorpio rumored to be revealed this week

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft’s E3 2017 briefing is still quite a few months away, but that does not stop the rumor mill from churning. While leaks and rumors have previously shown that Microsoft plans to showcase Project Scorpio’s 4K with Forza, a fresh set of rumors now shows that the official specs of Xbox Project Scorpio could possibly be revealed this week (via Windows Central)

According to the report, one “major gaming outlet” recently visited Microsoft to take a closer look at the internals of Project Scorpio, and has plans to reveal details ahead of a “planned exclusive blowout of coverage,” as early as this Thursday. Though it’s best to treat this as another rumor, we might well end up hearing about the CPU and the other internal elements of Project Scorpio. We can, however, be certain that the console will have 6 teraflops of power, 320GB/s worth of memory bandwidth, and 8 CPU cores (since these specs were revealed at E3 last year).

About a month ago, Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed in a podcast that details of Project Scorpio would be revealed before E3, as it’s too hard to cram everything into one media briefing, so some early news could be coming soon.

Previous rumors dating back to a few months ago have shown that Project Scorpio will make existing Xbox One games look better on 1080p TVs, and that the console will have a compact design and internal PSU, and support for 4K Game DVR capture. As E3 approaches there no doubt will be a media blitz of Project Scorpio details, so it’s best to keep it tuned for more information.