Official Sochi 2014 Olympics guide app makes its way to the Windows Phone Store

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Sochi 2014 Guide

The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 are right around the corner, and will kick off beginning February 6th in Sochi, Russia. If you’re planning to visit one of the biggest sports event in person, make sure you’re equipped with all the things you need to help you know about the event and its surroundings. The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee has released the Sochi 2014 Guide application for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, which will provide users with everything they need to know about the Olympics, venues, timings, ways to get to the events venues, and more.

The application provides users with real-time news related to several events, follow the Olympic Torch Relay, purchase tickets, ability to browse photos from the competitions, push notifications support, share your experiences with friends, ability to plan your trip, navigate to the Sochi Olympics venues with the help of an interactive map and more. 

“This application is an online guide for people who are coming to Sochi in 2014 to enjoy performances by the world’s best athletes. The application is designed to help Games spectators to better orient themselves in Sochi and at Olympic venues and to choose routes on Olympic transportation. It simplifies following Games news in real time, browsing through the best photographs from the competitions and receiving Push Notifications,” the app description reads. 

The event is scheduled to kick off on February 6th and will carry on until the 23rd of February, and will see athletes from around the globe participate in different events to make their country proud.

If you’re visiting Russia for the Olympics next month, the Sochi 2014 Guide is a must have application for you. Head over to the Windows Phone Store to snag the application.

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