Official Boost Juice app finally comes to Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

Official Boost Juice app finally comes to Windows Phone

It’s been a long time coming but the official Boost Juice app has finally arrived on Windows Phone in Australia after being available on iOS and Android devices for over a year. The Windows Phone app features full parity with its iOS and Android counterparts allowing users to login to their Boost Juice Vibe Club accounts, view a history of transactions, search for nearby Boost Juice Bars and view the latest promotional campaigns and news. The app also allows users to connect the app to their existing Vibe Club Cards so reward points don’t get lost.

The most hyped feature in the app though, and likely its entire purpose for being, is the ability to place an order entirely from within the app before you even arrive at your favorite Boost Juice Bar and pick it up once you arrive.

Boost Juice is a popular juice bar franchise that got its start in Australia in March 2000 but has since expanded internationally and now has stores in Chile, Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Russia and the Middle East.

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