Official app of TED arrives on Windows Phone Store, go get inspired!

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Official app of TED arrives on Windows Phone Store, go get inspired!

In case you aren’t familiar, TED is an independent, non-profit organization that invites people to share their remarkable stories with others. These stories are made available to all for free on the Web. Earlier this week, the official app for this delightful service arrived at the Windows Phone Store.

Last time I checked, there were over 8,000 TED talks (though the app may have only made 1700 of them available). Various incredible people have spoken at TED and the list includes Bill Gates, Sir Ken Robinson, John Green, Mikko Hypponen, Edward Snowden and many others. These talks range from anything from what is wrong with our education system, to what exactly is a computer virus, to how we can make the world malaria-free, and to the life stories of several fascinating people.

Coming to the app, it was kind of a downer. It isn’t full-fledged, and moreover, lags every now and then. Video playback was fine, though there wasn’t even a search box so you could find your favorite talks. Though, you can browse through the playlists and various categories to discover great content. The service is great, and simply unmatchable, though, the clunky execution by the app leaves a lot to be desired. Grab the app from the download link below. Share with us your favorite TED talks, maybe!

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