Official Ally Bank app for Windows Phone 8 set to arrive ‘in the next few weeks’

Official Ally Bank app for Windows Phone 8 set to arrive 'in the next few weeks'

Fantastic news for those of you who bank with Ally Bank. The popular banking company has taken it to Twitter to reveal that an official banking app will be available for the Windows Phone platform in the coming weeks. This is obviously great news to see yet another app in the works for a popular service.

The app is already available for Android and iOS, allowing bankers to deposit checks remotely, transfer money between accounts, make payments, and much more. “The Ally Mobile Banking app puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips. It’s fast, it’s secure and – best of all – it’s free. All you need is an Ally account and an online username and password,” the Android app description reads. No word on the feature list for this app, but it should be equivalent to the iOS and Android variants.

Ally Bank, for those who are not familiar, is a non-branch bank that offers services online, via telephone, and via ATMs. By not being a part of a branch, Ally Bank is able to provide a higher savings value to customers with a higher interest rate and low service charges. Nonetheless, it is great to see this app in the works, with a release in the coming weeks.

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