Office Web apps to feature real-time co-authoring and mobile Chrome browser support

Office Web App (PowerPoint)

Office Web Apps, which launched back in 2010, are set for some cool updates over the next year and beyond. In an official blog post, Microsoft outlines two new features currently planned for Office Web Apps.

First, Office Web Apps will feature real-time co-authoring, with an update rolling out for the PowerPoint Web App first. Microsoft has seen an increasing demand for fluid/dynamic collaboration when working online. In essence, you will no longer need to refresh when engaged in co-authoring with this new update.

"Since first introducing co-authoring in the Office Web Apps, we've seen an increasing demand for more fluid and dynamic collaboration capabilities when working online. We'll introduce real time co-authoring in the Office Web Apps so that all file authors will automatically see presence and edits from others as they happen without needing to refresh. This is a subtle change, but a great enhancement to enable even richer collaboration," Microsoft explained.

Microsoft is also planning on rolling out an update to allow for those on Android tablets to utilize the full power of Office Web Apps, like users on Windows 8 and iPads can. This update will allow those on the mobile Chrome browser to utilize the full power of Office Web Apps. These updates will be rolling out over the next year, maybe even sooner, so stay tuned!

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