Office Mix and Sway help teachers involve all students in the educational process

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Part of the Office 365 family, Office Mix and Sway offer schools, students, and teachers better ways of approaching education. Microsoft is trying to promote the idea of inclusion in the classroom; allowing for all students to feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and asking questions. Microsoft Partner RM Education is looking to help achieve inclusion in the classroom, by providing IT and educational support for schools using Office 365.

Microsoft believes Office 365 can help promote inclusion, which is often considered a fundamental principle in education.

“Office 365 has great potential for bringing students into the learning loop through collaboration (student to student, student to teacher, and beyond) . The opportunity for creative, live and supportive feedback is also a step towards personalization and a culture of inclusion.”

Regardless of a student’s intellectual or physical ability, emotional development, prior knowledge, or understanding of the language in which the subject is being taught, Office Mix and Sway can be used to teach almost anything.

Office Mix, a PowerPoint add-in, allows teachers to create interactive lessons for students to review at home, saving class time for group discussions or focusing on topics that students might have a hard time understanding. PowerPoint can help too by adding voice-overs, adding a movie, or a poll to create a more dynamic lesson.

Here’s a video on how teachers can use Office Mix to enhance their interactive lessons.

If a teacher uses Office Mix to present a topic in the classroom, she can choose whether or not to make the presentation available for students to review later. The full Office Mix presentation experience will be readily available to students; including all of the inked additions and comments that the teacher added live in the classroom. If the teacher chooses to record audio or video in her Office Mix presentation, that content will be included too.

Office Mix even has its own brand of analytics. A teacher can see how many students looked at what parts of her presentation and for how long, giving her a better idea of what students may need more help and in what subject areas. Another ingredient to this equation is Sway, another component of Office 365 Education.

According to Microsoft, Sway is like Office Mix in another way:

“Sway makes it quick and easy to create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.”

When you look at all the many ways that Sway has been used by teachers and students around the world, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Sway is being used in new and interesting ways by students all around the globe. Sway allows students to create stories by using ideas and knowledge in completely new ways.

Check out Office Mix and Sway for more information on how you can use Office Mix and Sway in and out of the classroom.

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