Office Store apps get subscription pricing option, as well as new languages and markets

Office Store

In an official blog post today, Microsoft has revealed that the Office Store will see some updates this spring. Not only will there be a new subscription pricing option for Office Store apps, but the Store will see new languages and markets.

"With the continuing momentum of the Office Store, we are delighted to share that starting this spring we'll begin supporting Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian (Portuguese) and Italian language apps alongside the opening of 8 additional store fronts (Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Brazil). Additionally, based on partner feedback, we are excited to announce that we'll be adding subscription pricing for apps in the Office Store allowing developers to charge a monthly recurring fee for their solutions," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

With the new subscription based pricing method, developers can charge a monthly fee for their app. Developers can now offer a free, trial, paid, or subscription option for their apps. As Microsoft states, this will allow developers to expand "their reach to entirely new users, customers and segments."

For those that didn't know, there are hundreds of business and productivity apps available in the Office Store. The Office Store is available to all customers of the new Office productivity suite and can be accessed via the Office apps or

"Not only are we are making it easier for customers to find apps that make them more productive, we are providing an opportunity for developers who may have never developed for the Microsoft platform before - and the new development model makes it easier than ever for developers to build, run and maintain adding value to both their business and their customers," Microsoft added.

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