Office Online vs Google Docs: See why Office offers the better document experience (video)

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Office Online vs Google Docs: See why the Office document experience is better (video)

Microsoft has released three new videos showcasing how the Office document experience is better with Office Online, rather than Google Apps. These videos come after we recently wrote about Microsoft taking a shot at Google's offerings, such as Docs and Sheets/Slides, saying that these Google offerings are a 'suboptimal experience' compared to Office.

"Why settle for a suboptimal experience using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides when Office provides you the best experience available with the modern Office experience on PC and iPad already. Office will be available on other platforms soon. These Office experiences will continue to make collaborating across devices easier, richer and more complete than ever," Microsoft stated last week.

In the videos, Microsoft touts Office Online's ability to retain file fidelity and document formatting, no matter what device you access the document, spreadsheet, or presentation from. Office Online features Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online.

"Google Docs wont let the document be edited until its converted to Google's non-standard format and this causes a loss of formatting which only gets more problematic when trying to reconvert the document back to Office format. To solve these issues, the formatting changes will need to be collated and reformatted to regain its original file fidelity. To avoid these challenges, use Office Online," the video states.

We've embedded the videos below for your viewing pleasure.

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