Office Online gets improved reading view, file management and more

Office Online gets improved reading view, file management and more

Office Online offers web access to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite online, with the documents being saved in the cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t offer the complete set of features offered by the desktop version, but it can easily handle most of the tasks for a normal user.

Recently, the Redmond-based company introduced a bunch of new features and improvements, based on the user feedback, to the online suite to enhance the user experience. The updates are rolling out as we speak, and introduced an improved reading view, file management and editing features.

Starting with the Reading View, the latest update brings an improved viewing experience and an updated toolbar which provides users with quite access to edit, print, share and comment commands. Furthermore, advanced options like Translate and file download buttons are now easier to find with the new reading view, along with the ability to print PDF files from Word Online without downloading it first.

With the new updates, Microsoft is also offering users with additional file management options, including “Save As”, rename, download a copy and download as PDF.

  • Save As—Saves a copy of the file to your OneDrive. You can to select a new location and name for the file if desired.
  • Rename—Helps you easily change the file name.
  • Download a Copy—Allows you to save a copy of the file outside of your OneDrive onto computer or any attached storage device like a flash drive.
  • Download as PDF—Converts your file format to a PDF and then gives you the same choices as “Download a Copy.”

Users can also save Office Online files easily to their OneDrive account by clicking on the “Add to OneDrive” button which is now available on the toolbar. Simply click the button, and select the destination on OneDrive where you want to save that specific file, easy isn’t it?

Microsoft even made it easier for users to start editing their documents faster, allowing them to navigate to “most recently used files or see more files on your OneDrive.” It doesn’t end there, there are improved proofreading tools , introducing highlighted word count feature as well, which give users the ability to find the number of words in a specific paragraph just by highlighting it. There are some more features as well which you can check out at the source link below.

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