Microsoft highlights recent Office Mix authoring and publishing features

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Office Mix picks up new publishing tricks in latest update

As part of Microsoft’s quest to empower their users, the company is using it’s blog as a way to continue the discussion of their products and services. The authors of the Office Blogs are sharing today that Office Mix had added authoring and publishing enhancements for first timers as well as some other cool features for more seasoned users.

If you are a first time user or someone re-installing Office Mix, the new presentation additions now comes with a handy little walk through intended help guide users through a quick and convenient publishing process. This new set up process reminds the user to open PowerPoint to see the new MIX tab built into the PowerPoint ribbon while also taking them through a quick walk through that should have them publishing in under 2 minutes.

Much like their other Office 2013 applications, Office Mix and PowerPoint now offer convenient “Create an Office Mix” templates that can be accesses from the File > New menu. Another handy addition is that the templates contain links to the Office Mix website, there users can access much more content on full examples and tutorials about creating the perfect Office Mix presentation.

The Office Mix team also set out to address the issues of speeding up the publishing process as well as republishing, which were among the top features requested from seasoned users. In order to speed up the process, Office Mix now has device playback OFF by default. This should help in eliminating yet another step when attempting to produce a mix. As far as addressing the republishing concern, users can easily choose to update an existing mix and keep the same URL.

Office Mix picks up new publishing tricks in latest update

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