Office Mix gets live mixing, easier editing, and search feature in latest update

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Office mix gets live mixing, easier editing, and search feature in latest update

Office Mix, for those that did not know, is an excellent tool for schools, allowing instructors to distribute presentations to all their students via the web. Instructors can check student progress online and see who actually watched the presentation. Microsoft is looking to revolutionize the classroom experience with this service.

Microsoft has made some new improvements to Office Mix, making it easier to create, share, and find online interactive lessons and presentations. You can now create and record a mix while presenting -- a feature called live mixing. Here is what Microsoft had to say:

"In response, we’ve improved Office Mix to let you create and record while presenting, which we call “live mixing.”  In the recording view, Office Mix now shows an optimized cockpit that lets you work efficiently by showing only the most used features for creating your mix, and maximizing the presentation area for your live audience.  We’ve also made it easier to switch the camera on and off, select ink and move through your slides and animations."

Office Mix also lets you pause and resume while recording so you can gather your thoughts while creating your mix. You can also use the erase ink feature to clear your canvas and write more on the same slide. On top of that, the updated Office Mix Gallery now has a search feature, so you can find mixes by category, tag, topic and author.

If you have yet to use Office Mix, head over to the VIA link below to check it out.

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