An Office Mechanics overview of Outlook – on PCs, Windows 10 apps, iOS and Android

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An Office Mechanics overview of Outlook - on PCs, Windows 10 apps, iOS and Android

It’s been a long road, but Microsoft has finally settled on a single email experience across platforms, devices, and the web.  For those of you who have been on this journey for the long haul, going all the way back to Microsoft Mail, and then Outlook and Outlook Express (two completely different experiences), Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail (again, separate experiences with little in common), Hotmail, Exchange,, and then Mail on Windows 8, with probably a few others thrown in there for good measure.

With Windows 10, however, mail seems to have finally found a home, and a common name. Sure, it’s still on the web, and Outlook Mail on Windows 10 is a different product than Outlook on Office, but somehow, this time, that all seems to make sense. Outlook means mail, wherever you are.

In a new video posted on the Office Blogs Garage Series, Ben Walters and host Jeremy Chapman walk us through Outlook for Office 2016, the new Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar apps for Windows 10, and the Outlook cross-platform play on iOS and Android:

Still, unfortunately, we’re currently back to close to square one with the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10, but hopefully they’ll progress quickly, and Outlook will come to mean a best in class experience whether you’re on a PC, a phone, or on the web.

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