Office for iPad receives major update, adds Presenter View, PDF export, 3rd party fonts and more

Office for iPad receives major update, adds ability to export PDF files, Presenter View feature, support for 3rd-party fonts and more

The Office for iPad has snagged a massive update today. Microsoft is bringing Presenter View feature, Pivot Table interaction options, and the ability to export to PDF file format. Besides, Office is also bringing support for editing image files, and now accepts 3rd-party fonts. 

The nifty Presenter View is now available on Office’s iPad client. This feature will allow users to project their slides on another screen while enabling them to look at their notes as well as the next slides.

Furthermore, the presentations have become rich and interactive, allowing users to easily add video and sound files to the slides. This will allow the media files to run directly from your iPad. You will also be able to insert video directly from Camera Roll. Think how easy and convenient will it be to have videos embed on your slides.

The company has also enhanced the eraser quality and strengthen the pen settings allowing users to make annotations in a breeze.

PivotTables in Office

Excel will now allow users to create Pivot Tables. Users will also get the ability to do several operations like collapse, filter, expand the Pivot Tables. You can also give visual makeover to the Pivot Tables as per your needs.

There is also a new flick gesture which will allow users to consume and interact with data easily. “Say you’re at the top of a column of data and want to select all the way to the bottom. Just flick down and the column is selected automatically,” the company explained in a blogpost.

In addition, Microsoft is now implementing keyboard shortcuts on its Office client for iPad to make things super convenient for users. The CTRL+2 shortcut key will allow users to switch between modes.

In addition, the print capability is also getting some much needed update. It will now allow users to choose from more paper sizes, and use the newly added scaling options. “These improvements give you more control over the layout of your workbooks when you choose to print them.”

Export to PDF

The company has added the ability to export your Office native files to PDF. The option will appear in Share menu in all of Office’s apps, and furthermore, it doesn’t require Office 365 subscription.

Office for iPad is adding new tools to allow users to edit pictures from within the app. Users will now see options to Crop and Reset. While cropping does exactly what you think it will, ‘Reset’ will remove all the styles and other changes you made to the picture.

The company is also adding support for third-party fonts. Gather all your fonts from different places, and Office will respectfully acknowledge them.

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