Office for Android Insiders get an update with SVG image support in Word and not much more

Microsoft Office apps on Android sometimes feel as though they are not the highest priority in the company's list of app updates. Despite the feeling of many Android users, the reality is, Microsoft has continued to roll out new features to its users over the last few months.

Last month, we saw maps added to Excel and other features. But this month, Neowin reports that Office Insider Program members on Android devices were given a lackluster update to new versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without much excitement.

The only feature added in the update was the ability to use SVG images in all three applications. The changelog reads:

Use SVG images in Word: Insert and edit scalable vector graphic (SVG) images in your document to create sharp, well-designed content. No expert software required.

In case you didn't know, SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics. These are a XML-based vector format for 2D images with support for interactions and animation.

As small as it is, it's nice to see the update for Office Insiders on Android and likely we'll see the feature roll out to the public soon. If you're impatient, you can sign up to the Office Insider for Android community program and download it today.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint

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