Office for iPad photos are fake, claims Microsoft

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Feb 21st, 2012 inNews

Earlier today, new photos of what appeared to be Office for iPad leaked onto the web, revealing a Metro type UI, as well as support for editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations. A mere few hours later, a Microsoft spokesperson has claimed that these photos are fake.

Coming from The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson has today claimed that the alleged Office on iPad photo is fake, saying that “The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation.” This may come as a bit of a blow to those who were looking forward to Office on the iPad.

Not all hope is lost though, since Microsoft only claimed this photo to be fake, it doesn’t mean a version of Office for the iPad isn’t coming. Rumours are reporting that Office for iPad is set to launch sometime this year.

Currently, Microsoft is preparing to launch Office 15 on Windows, with available support for Windows on ARM (WOA) which should allow you to edit your office documents on a Windows 8 tablet. All WOA devices will receive Office 15 pre-installed, which will only be exclusive to WOA tablets.

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