Office Dev Center gets a major redesign and content overhaul for Office 365 developers

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Office dev center gets a major redesign and content overhaul for office 365 developers

Microsoft has rolled out an updated Office Dev Center, complete with a major redesign along with a content overhaul. This redesign is geared towards making things easier for Office 365 developers.

"We are excited to announce that the Office Dev Center has gone through a major redesign and content overhaul, as we create a home for the Microsoft Office 365 developer audience. This site not only speaks to developers, but also to the technical and business decision makers by highlighting the opportunity and the getting started experience for building on Office 365," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Based on feedback from developers, Microsoft wanted to make it easier for them to access key resources like events, recordings of latest announcements, and launches all from one central location. Microsoft has also made it easier for developers to access to key sample code and apps that would make the development process easier.

Developers also have access to community resources, forums and discussions. The Office 365 developer community is now holding discussions on StackOverflow, MSDN forums, UserVoice, and on the Office 365 Technical Network.

Keep providing Microsoft with your feedback and happy Office 365 development to all you developers out there!

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