startup page gets a clean new look for business and education users

Kevin Okemwa

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During last year’s Ignite conference held in November, Microsoft announced that it was looking into updating and its Office app for Windows with the aim of helping users create, find and share documents easily. Some of the features highlighted to come to the homepage at the time included a Recommended Actions section, a Quick Access section, a My Content page, and the new Create page.

With that said, Microsoft has announced that the updates will make it to both commercial and educational users by the end of this week. If you missed the initial announcement, we’re here to recap what you can expect. First up, with the redesigned home screen, you can find a new quick access section to easily get to the files related to your work. Microsoft is also including a cool new customizable filter, this way so so you can see your content according to your collaborators, document type, and more with a single click.

Next, with the new my content pane, you can get to all the work related to you. This is no matter the file type, where it’s stored, or how it was shared with you. In addition, new “Browse by” views will help you find content associated with the people with whom you work or the meetings you’ve had so can quickly find attachments, meeting recordings, Loops, or any other file you need. And what about scrolling? Well, an infinite scroll to the page makes it easier to skim for what you’re looking for so you won’t need to click through pages of search results.

Finally, the new create pane makes it easy to see all your Office apps in one place. You can create a new file or document in one click, or use a new template tool. To do this, select the type of content you wish to create and you’ll see template options across multiple apps all at once. If your company uses branded content, you’ll also see these here from your organization.

To get a first-hand experience and interaction with these new features, sign into either your work or school account today on It is also worth noting that Microsoft has indicated that it is working on a way to also get these enhancements to personal accounts.