Office for Android tablet preview now available for all Android tablet users

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Office for Android tablet preview now available for all Android users

Microsoft has launched its dedicated Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps for devices, especially tablets, running on rival operating systems. Last year, the software giant decided to release the much awaited Office for iPad, and later expanded the launch to Android tablets as well.

Office for Android tablet preview was launched in November, but it was a limited release and users interested in trying out the apps had to sign up. The Redmond-based company received some decent feedback from the limited users admitted to try out the program, and optimize the apps to boost the overall user experience.

If you failed to get in the limited preview, there's a piece of good news for you. Microsoft announced they're expanding Office for Android tablet preview for all Android users with an ARM-based tablet running Kitkat or Lollipop, and have a screen size between 7 and 10.1-inches. This will definitely help the company to decide what features users are looking for the most, and how they can improve it before the stable version is released in the Google Play Store. 

Microsoft said in a blog post,

Today, we are excited to announce that we are further expanding the preview. We want more feedback from more users to ensure that Office apps work well on a range of different Android tablets before launching the official apps. To participate in the preview, you can use an ARM-based Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop, with a screen size between 7″ and 10.1″. Starting today, anyone can go to Google Play and download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint preview apps. No waitlist. No requesting access. Just go and download the apps!

As far as the general availability is concerned, it's expected to launch in early 2015, as announced before. Head over to the Google Play Store and download any of the Office apps on your Android tablet. Let us know about your thoughts regarding the preview.

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