Microsoft Office ads show up in Android notification tray

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Just as Microsoft dials back its smartphone business, it is sprucing up some attention on the other end of the spectrum, as ads for the company’s mobile Office apps allegedly showed up on the Android notification, reports OSnews.

In the first occurrence, the particular app whose ads was shown is Excel for Android; the next reportedly was PowerPoint. Curiously , the ads reportedly come from Word for Android, which is also installed along with Excel on the original poster’s phone, a Nexus 6P.

Excel ad on Android..
Excel ad on Android (source: OSNews).

The original poster expressed a good deal of concern about the ads, and certainly it is interesting to see one Microsoft app pushing an ad for another on the notification tray, particularly given that both apps are already installed. While this is against Google’s guidelines for notification apps, the fact that Word, Excel and PowerPoint all belong in the Microsoft Office suite may explain the occurrence.

Digging deeper reveals the ad came from Word.
Digging deeper reveals the ad came from Word (source: OSNews).

Overall, the ads are evident of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to tackle the mobile productivity market, especially when the competition is fiercer than ever. They demonstrate that Microsoft may have a way to go yet before they can perfect the art of mobile advertising, for example by not showing ads for installed apps on a device.

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