Office 365 usage is "skyrocketing", passing Google apps and catching Salesforce, security services report

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A number of enterprise resource providers have found that Office 365 has raced ahead of Google Apps in terms of usage. The rapid growth of Office 365 among enterprise users shows hope for Microsoft’s cloud first, mobile first vision. Microsoft is on pace to be the most used set of apps in work places, over Salesforce, Box, and Google.

According to Business Insider, the majority of Office 365’s growth comes from Microsoft pushing for businesses to switch their enterprise exchange servers to the Microsoft Cloud. The CEO of security services provider Okta, Todd McKinnon, stated that “Every company is looking to solve identity and mobility challenges because Microsoft is telling them to move email to the cloud.” Okta’s app is showing “skyrocketing” growth, according to a chart of the company’s security service:

Okta apps usage via Business Insider UK

Just one year ago, security service provider BitGlass released the results of a survey that stated Google apps accounted for almost double the usage of Office 365. BitGlass told Business Insider that they’ll be releasing a survey next week that shows that Office 365 has flipped the script and now “is dominating future enterprise deployment plans (29%) versus Google Apps (13%).”

Office programs are rather standard in office places but the growth of Office 365 among enterprise users shows that Microsoft’s cloud first, mobile first mantra is gaining traction quickly.

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