Office 365 helps easyJet collaborate its way to better customer service

The latest guest post on the Office 365 blog comes from Chris Brocklesby, chief information officer for easyJet. If you haven’t heard of easyJet, they’re a European airline that prides itself on being able to stay affordable and has over 250 aircrafts currently active. To maintain a network that large, easyJet turned to the Office 365 suite to keep its business running efficiently.

Office 365 came to the rescue as easyJet focused on creating a more customer-oriented experience, built to increase brand loyalty by designing an experience that helps travelers determine everything they need to know without any of the frustration.

To create that sort of digital experience for customers, easyJet needed to give employees a similarly freeing digital toolkit.

We need to provide employees and crew with the right business tools to follow through with this vision. That’s the role of Office 365. We cannot digitize the customer experience without also digitizing the employee experience.

As the Office 365 suite frees employees of the constraints of paper, Skype for Business lets people host meetings without any of the traveling that they would generally need to do. Instead of giving an employee a seat on a flight, easyJet can now sell off that seat to a potential customer.

easyJet’s case is not a unique story – Microsoft fills up the Office blog with testimonials such as this consistently, each one coming from a company that swears by Office’s ability to increase productivity. If you want to read some more, just head over to the Guest Author page on the blog.

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