Office 365 Groups will soon be rebranded as Microsoft 365 Groups

Laurent Giret

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Microsoft announced some important branding changes last month, with the Office 365 consumer subscriptions to be rebranded as Microsoft 365 Personal and Home on April 21. On this same date, some Office 365 business plans will also switch to the new Microsoft 365 branding that the company is now looking to push everywhere.

The software giant is apparently not done with this rebranding effort as Office 365 Groups will also be renamed Microsoft 365 Groups later this year. The change was announced on the Microsoft 365 blog yesterday, though the company didn’t provide a firm ETA for the rebranding:

Microsoft 365 is the world’s productivity cloud and it represents our vision for the future of Microsoft productivity tools—an integrated set of apps and services that puts artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge innovations to work for you. To reflect the fact that Office 365 Groups power collaboration across Microsoft 365, Office 365 Groups will become Microsoft 365 Groups. These changes will happen over time and will be reflected in all the connected endpoints over the upcoming quarters.

For those unfamiliar with Office 365 Groups, they allow Office 365 admins to create a public or private group of people that will be able to access a collection of resources, included a shared Outlook inbox and calendar. In addition to Outlook, Office 365 groups currently have synergies with various Microsoft services including SharePoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.

Do you think it makes sense for Microsoft to rename Office 365 groups to Microsoft 365 groups? Let us know in the comments if you’re getting used to the Microsoft 365 brand.