Office 365 continues to blossom with new sign-in and password reset features

Kareem Anderson

Office 365 continues to blossom with new sign in and password reset features

The Office 365 team announced, via their Office 365 blog today, that they are now rolling out two Identity and Access Management feature updates to Office 365. These new management features were only offered previously in the Azure Directory (AD) Premium Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription. Now, users of Office 365 will be greeted with a Sign-in page with Access Panel company branding and cloud user self-service password reset.

What does any of that mean? Well the Sign in page feature allows Office 365 customers the ability to customize the Sign-in page and Access Panel with the text, color, and image of their choosing. These new bells and whistles are also in addition to the Office 365 tenant branding that can be used to apply custom text, color, and images for the Office 365 service as show after the user is signed in.

Instructions on how to configure these new additions can be found hereAs for Cloud user self-service password reset, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. This feature allows users to reset their password should they forget it, using pre-arranged alternate personal information. Enabling this feature must be done first by the systems admin, but once in place, each user can configure alternate personal information in the Office 365 portal. Again, instructions to enable this can be found here.

As Microsoft looks to the near-future to spread its focus across the development of Window 10, Windows 10 for phones, new hardware and platform agnostic services, the Office team within Microsoft is still laser-focused on delivering a cloud-first enterprise suite of productivity services that are head and shoulders above the rest.