Office 365 admin experience further simplified with domain support and more reports

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Office 365 admin experience further simplified with domain support and more reports

Microsoft is on a ‘journey’ to simplify the Office 365 admin experience and the company has unveiled a couple of new changes. Microsoft has made it easier to add new domains and provide admins with more insights so services can be monitored efficiently.

“Admins can now add domains with gTLDs directly from the Office 365 admin center. The process is the same as creating domains with common TLDs. Log in to your Office 365 admin center, click domains, and then add your domain. PowerShell is no longer required! As with domains using TLDs, your domains with gTLDs also have their DNS records proactively checked to find and fix any potential DNS issues,” Microsoft explains.

Not only can domains be added without the need for PowerShell, but Microsoft has provided more reports, so admins can be aware of which devices are accessing their service. Microsoft has added two new reports that enable an Office 365 admin to monitor which operating systems and browser are being used to access the service. The reports offer a summary view of the different operating systems and browsers, along with the version numbers being used. This will allow the admin to identify who is non-complaint.

“Using these reports will help you ensure that your environment is protected, your users are getting the best experience possible, and that you have technical support in the event that you need it,” Microsoft explained.

If you are an Office 365 admin, head over to your admin center to check out these new features!

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