Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone gets a fix for searching and filtering users

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Office 365 admin app for windows phone gets a fix for searching and filtering users

After recently receiving live tile support and a message translate feature, the Office 365 Admin app continues to improve with a new update released today. In the latest update, with bumps the version number to, Microsoft has added a fix for searching and filtering users. You can snag the app from the download link below, if you are an Office 365 administrator.

"The Office 365 Admin app empowers you, the Office 365 IT administrator to stay connected with your Office 365 environment on the go. You can now manage your users including resetting their passwords. In addition, you can also read the latest messages from Message Center, the central location for Office 365 service communications and view any active service support requests. A new dashboard allows you to quickly view service health status and more," the app description reads. 

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