Office 365 adds URL Detonation and Dynamic Delivery for better, faster email protection

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If you’re thinking that this title means explosive news for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, you’d be right. Today, the Office 365 team announced that both URL Detonation and Dynamic┬áDelivery are releasing hand-in-hand for public consumption.

Anyone that knows about sharing files across the internet is aware that there are many potential threats. One such is through the use of malicious URLs where the files were uploaded. URL Detonation will tackle the problem by preventing users from being compromised. Office Advanced Threat Protection will scan emails for malicious URLs and pop up to tell them that it isn’t safe. Better yet, the URL Detonation works with already established perimeters in the SafeLink so that anyone who opened the file through the warning pop up is noted.

Of course, fighting a potential email threat as it is being sent instead is probably the wisest course of action. With Dynamic┬áDelivery added, sending attachments and emails can be done while the attachment is still being scanned. This makes work collaboration much smoother. The recipient will be notified that the ‘placeholder’ attachment is being scanned still.

URL Detonation is generally available today and Dynamic Delivery is available as a public preview release.

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